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"Osha Cedarcroft is a warm, compassionate, experienced, respectful and effective massage therapist. A consumate professional, Osha is both incredibly knowledgeable of human anatomy and soft tissue manipulation, but is also intuitive and very sensitive to her client's needs. She can hone in on a problematic area and she knows how to get the optimum result. She's the best massage therapist I've ever received treatment from."     ` M.R.

      "I am so grateful I found Osha! I had been seeking an        experienced and exceptional massage therapist to support acute  and chronic conditions as well as for muscle stress relief. I searched high and low and had many sub-par experiences but just as I was about to give up, a colleague who is a former massage therapist told me about Osha. I trusted her high standards as a former therapist, made an appointment and was not disappointed, to the contrary, I was awed! I have not looked back and benefit enormously from Osha's intuitive and expert care!"

                                                                                                      ~ T. C.

From my very first massage with Osha she made me feel comfortable and safe. Her skills and abilities to find the muscles that need help always amazes me. Osha has a deep sense of what methods will assist my body so I get more relaxation and pain relief. I highly recommend Osha for massage or cranial treatment. She’s a treasure!”

                        ~ S.L.

Holding Hands

"I suffer from sciatica, which periodically flairs up. Most recently I injured my shoulder and needed professional help. I’ve been seeing Osha for a couple of years now; she is excellent at what she does. She always finds the exact spot and makes sure to work out the knots. I continue to see Osha because she is experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. She always makes me feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe at her table. Every time I see her, she takes the time to ask me how I’m feeling and which area I would like her to focus on.  

My doctor recommended Osha, as he and his wife are also clients of hers. Osha, your work truly makes a difference, thank you."   ~L.F.

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