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Hand Massage
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Debunking the Myth...
Does Massage Spread Cancer?

Not less than 20 years ago, it was thought that massage could spread cancer by increasing the rate at which cancer cells travel through the body and attach themselves to new locations. The logic was that massage increases circulation, therefore cancer spread. 

We now know this is absolutely false. Technically speaking, massage does not increase your overall circulation any more than breathing, doing household chores, or walking. 

Cancer metastasis is a biochemical process and takes place only when specific conditions are right. 

While it is important for an oncology massage therapist to avoid massaging tumor sites and understand various precautions, massage itself does not spread cancer.

Massage During Cancer Treatment 


Oncology Massage can be a source of respite, rest, and nurturing attention throughout your cancer journey. It has been found to ease pain, reduce anxiety, improve mood and energy levels, and aid in sleep.  

When your body can rest, your body can heal and process the treatments you are living through. 


At Estuary, Oncology Massage adapts to the needs of the patient. Once cancer treatments are under way, we work together to adjust every session to where you are and what you need that day.  Considerations are made with regard to comfort and fatigue levels including length of sessions, depth of pressure, bolstering and other important elements.




Therapeutic Oncology Massage during and after radiation therapy can provide safe and effective treatment for:

  •    Muscle tension due to prolonged procedural positioning

  •    Swelling in the areas of radiation which increases pain levels

  •    Fibrosis of radiated areas

  •    Insomnia

  •    Digestive Changes

  •    Headache

  •    Neuropathy


While every chemo experience is unique, fostering a mind body connection with a skilled touch therapist can ease the passage of each cycle and mitigate the some of the challenges and side effects of your medications. While receiving chemotherapy we can address:

  •     Fatigue

  •     Constipation

  •     Pain

  •     CIPN (chemo induced peripheral neuropathy)

  •     Inflammation

Most importantly, your massage session is a place for you to be completely cared for and listened to, a place to feel safe and rest.​



Oncology Massage can both help prepare your body for surgery and assist  with recovery. Tools such as Manual Lymph Drainage, Scar Therapy, and myofascial release can ease inflammation and help restore function after your procedure. For more information, visit Post Surgical Recovery.

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