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Recovering from any surgical procedure is a process that takes time, patience and good self-care practices. As your body progresses through the stages of recovery, we can work together to help you heal faster and achieve a better outcome.

This is done by addressing:

  • Swelling and Inflammation 

  • Scar Tissue

  • Overall tissue health

  • Compensating structures (overtaxed areas that are doing more work than usual while you heal)

  • Range of Motion 

Approved MSTR TM jpg.webp

MSTR is a gentle, painless technique that can be used to treat mature scars and fibrotic tissue. It does not work by "breaking down" scar tissue, nor does it trigger new inflammation.


MSTR is only applied to scars that have passed the 8 week mark of healing and are well into the remodeling and maturation phases of healing.


For more on MSTR, please visit Scar Therapy 

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